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Facebook Business Page Analysis.

Facebook is the ideal platform for entrepreneurs to promote their business and connect with potential customers.

But There Is Much Involved When Using Facebook To Promote Your Business Such As:

  • Creating Content
  • Writing Text
  • Creating Eye Catching Images and Video
  • What Types of Content To Create
  • Engaging Your Audience
  • Reaching Your Ideal Audience
  • Using Facebook’s Ad Platform To Amplify Your Message
  • Choosing The Right Type of Facebook Ad (Currently There Are 14 Different Types of Facebook Ads)
  • Etc.

On This 30 Minute Call Charles Will:

  • Analyze Your Facebook Business Page
  • Share Practical Ways To Get More Engagement On Your Facebook Page
  • Offer Suggestions On How To Get More Leads Customers, and Revenue From Your Facebook Page.
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Facebook Ad Coaching

Charles coaching is based on the concrete principles of direct response marketing to build and monetize a brand!

With Charles' coaching he guides you in building and monetizing your audience by analyzing the targeting, offer, and copy of your Facebook ads, along with the offer pages, and the systems of your business.

His coaching focuses on helping you optimize your marketing, so you can increase the revenue and improve the profitability of your business via Facebook ads, online strategies, and systems.

Charles offers two levels of monthly coaching for action-oriented entrepreneurs, who want to make a bigger impact and increase profitability with their businesses!

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Done For You Facebook Ads

Facebook’s ad platform is the most cutting edge and targeted ad platform available to entrepreneurs and small business owners today!

Charles' Done for you Facebook Ad service saves you the time of learning Facebook's ad platform, while rewarding you by getting you the fastest results from your Facebook ad campaign.

Charles has over 13 years experience managing direct response marketing campaigns and ran his first Facebook ad in 2010. 

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