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Facebook’s ad platform is the most cutting edge and targeted ad platform available to entrepreneurs and small business owners today!

Charles' Done for you Facebook Ad service saves you the time of learning Facebook's ad platform, while rewarding you by getting you the fastest results from your Facebook ad campaign.

Charles has over 13 years experience managing direct response marketing campaigns and ran his first Facebook ad in 2010. 

So Why Facebook Ads?

Pinpoint Marketing!

Unlike brand marketing where you promote a logo or a company name, direct marketing focuses on making specific offers that are relevant to specific types of customers.

Targeting Your Ideal Client

Trying to market to everyone is like marketing to NO ONE. Instead of targeting everyone, ad budgets normally generate a greater response in terms of leads, customers, and revenue by focusing on a specific ideal customer type.

There are 5 specific ways that you can target your ideal client. This is known as prospect and customer segmentation.

Geographic - by Country, State, City, zip code, neighborhood, block, street. 

Demographic – age, gender, education level, income level, occupation, type of housing.

Psychographic – lifestyles, attitudes, beliefs, value systems, activities, interest, opinions.

Social - culture, subculture, social class rank, peer group reference.

Behavioral - Transactional Data, the time the transaction took place, the method of response, location of response, types of products purchased.

What is even more powerful than segmenting prospects and customers by each of these types of segmentation is when you can combine multiple types of segmentation.

For instance combining geographic segmentation, demographic segmentation, along with psychographic segmentation.

An example is wanting to get offers in front of people that like dog and cat owners (psychographic), that earn over $85,000/year in income (demographic), who live within a 25-mile radius of a specific address (geographic).

This is precise pinpoint marketing!

Facebook Is At The Forefront Of Pinpoint Marketing To Your Ideal Client.

Facebook allows advertisers to target their ideal customer by combining these 5 types of segmentation to hyper-target or lazer target their ideal client.

Guaranteeing The Success of Your Ad Campaign?

Some companies try to guarantee that they will generate a specific number of leads, customers, or even revenue for a business.

While this seems like an ideal situation for a small business owner or entrepreneur, it is often misleading at best.

Even with direct response marketing, there are no guarantees when it comes to advertising or guaranteeing any campaign's success rate!

Every direct marketing campaign relies on 3 specific components to succeed.

  1. Who is being targeted (40% of the success of a campaign)
  2. The Offer and how relative it is to who is being targeted. (40% of the success of a campaign)
  3. The Creative – the creative includes ad copy. (20% of the success of a campaign)

To help you maximize the value of each dollar you invest in advertising and to generate the greatest amount of impact for your business, Charles relies on over 13 years of managing, and implementing direct marketing campaigns.

He will do his very best to help you succeed!

But just like life there are no guarantees in how successful a direct marketing campaign is going to be.

Test! Test! Test!

Test To Continue Learning To Improve Campaign Results!

Another way to help you generate the greatest amount of impact with your Facebook advertising campaign is by testing the audience, offers, and the creative aspect of the marketing campaign. This is done for several reasons.

Most importantly, direct response marketing campaigns are pinpoint targeted towards a specific type of customer from the beginning, but testing allows you to refine the campaign and continually improves the results.

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  • Lisa Spiller
    I have known Charles for over a decade now. My relationship with him has changed over the past 13 years. Our relationship began as his college professor, academic advisor, and mentor.  However, over the years, I began to tap Charles’ great energy and expertise in digital, social, text, and mobile marketing. He is on the cutting edge! He provided valuable contributions to my 3/e of my textbook Contemporary Direct and Interactive Marketing. To put it bluntly, Charles knows his stuff and has what it takes to get the job done, and done well. I could go on and on about Charles. I could address his work ethic, communication skills, self-motivation, time management skills, etc. Dr. Lisa Spiller Full Professor Christopher Newport University
    Lisa Spiller Christopher Newport University
  • Gayle Turner
    Every time I walk away from our meetings my appreciation  for Charles grows. His vision of the migration path from Suspect to Prospect to Customer to Loyal Customer to Advocate and your direct marketing knowledge of how to build an automated system to realize the project inspires my continued confidence. He is one of my heroes and a role model, as well. Unlike his painting over his desk of a tiger; I see him as a lion. I’m proud to be a member of his pride. Gayle Turner President Story Tellers Channel
    Gayle Turner StoryTellers Channel
  • Shannan Murphy Pearsall
    "I'm officially naming Charles "The Facebook Wizard!" Shannan Murphy Pearsall Social Media Manager Mended Little Hearts National Organization
    Shannan Murphy Pearsall Mended Little Hearts National Organization
  • Rita Ralston
    I have had the pleasure of learning about Charles’ passion for marketing and IT resources that can be utilized to further a marketing mission. Charles is a problem solver and an innovator. His goal is to analyze functions and to find ways to make them more successful and efficient. To those who want to continue to do things the way they have always been done it may be a bit of a shock. But to those who wish to move things forward, it will be a breath of fresh air. I find this refreshing and energizing.  I also want to speak to Charles’ ability to relate to people. Charles sees everyone as a friend and folks respond positively to his gentle and kind nature. Rita Ralston Executive Director Ronald McDonald House, Charlottesville, VA
    Rita Ralston Executive Director Ronald McDonald House of Charlottesville, VA