About Charles George

Charles is an entrepreneur, who is passionate about combining direct response marketing with Facebook’s ad platform.

He is also an advocate for creating awareness about congenital heart disease in children after his own 3-year-old son, Thomas, endured 3 heart surgeries and passed away after complications from the 3rd heart surgery.

BA-What Makes A Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

BA-FB Business Page Score Card

BA-Facebook Business Page Scorecard

Discover 3 Simple Steps To Nurture Your Facebook Audience

In 2013, Facebook released a document that told business owners how to use their Facebook Page to build a following and then turn the followers into customers.

Today, many of these same principles still apply when using your Facebook business page.

In this video, Charles talks about the 3 simple steps on how to use your Facebook business page to attract more customers.

Facebook’s Revolution To Help Small Businesses

Do you know Facebook has started a revolution helping small businesses?

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Are you new to advertising on Facebook to promote your business, reach your ideal customers, and sell your products and services?

It’s No Secret!

Facebook has created an ad platform that is helping more than 3,000,000 businesses reach their ideal customers!

In March of 2016, Facebook reported that over 3,000,000 businesses are actively advertising with Facebook. This is up 50% from last year with small businesses representing the “vast majority” of that number. Plus, over 70% of those businesses advertising on Facebook are from outside of the United States with SouthEast Asia seeing the most growth.

But only 6% of Facebook Pages Are Using Facebook For Advertising Their Business.

Today, it seems we are in a digital revolution that is more powerful, impactful, and beneficial to entrepreneurs than the Industrial Revolution!

Whether you are an entrepreneur, own a small business, a local business, or are a coach, author, consultant, speaker, or a social media manager, Facebook has forever changed marketing a business!

No longer do you need to spend money on expensive traditional advertising media that are:

     *Not targeted to you ideal customer,
     *Have no real way to measure if the marketing campaign is even producing a positive ROI.

No longer do you need to spend $5,000 or $10,000 to buy a TV commercial, rent a Billboard, send direct mail, or buy print ads, just to see if the ads will work.

Facebook has created the most precise customer targeted, and result oriented ad platform to help small businesses today!

With Facebook’s ad platform you can run ad campaigns on a $5 and $10 per day budget.

It’s an ad platform that allows you to determine an objective for your ad and…

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…then measure the results.

The Facebook Revolution to help small businesses is here!


1. Eyeballs & Audience – Facebook has almost 1 billion users logging in every single day on average 14 times per day for 34 total minutes each day.

2. Pinpoint Marketing– What makes Facebook’s ad platform so dynamic is the ability to segment and target your ideal prospect and customer. There is no other ad platform available today that allows this level of precise pinpoint marketing.

3. Testing Ads On Micro Budgets -The ability to test ads, audiences, and offers on micro budgets like $5, $10, and $15/day.

4. Instant Results– Results are almost instant. As soon as the ad is submitted to Facebook you will see some results within a couple of hours. Within a couple of days, you are going to know how well that ad campaign is performing overall and have a good understanding if it is going to be successful.

5. Scalability– Once you identify your ideal audience, and you have an ad campaign that is generating positive results, with 1.5 billion users, you can scale your ad campaign to reach more of your ideal customers…quickly!

I started advertising with Facebook ads, soon after Facebook gave business…

Join Facebook’s Revolution of Helping Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs.

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5 Simple Steps To Profitable Facbook Ads on $5 Per Day Budgets To Promote Your Business For Higher Profits.

…owners the opportunity to advertise. Plus, I was still using traditional direct marketing methods to promote my own business.

Over time, the more I advertised on Facebook, the more the ads were outperforming and generating a higher ROI than other traditional marketing methods.

Today, I use Facebook ads almost exclusively and it is my preferred advertising platform.

Whether I am promoting my own business or helping a fellow entrepreneur promote their business, Facebook’s ad platform has generated:

  • The highest response rates
  • The most customer leads
  • And the largest ROI of any other ad platform that I have personally used recently.

Facebook Advertising is now “The 800lb Gorilla” for helping entrepreneurs and small business owners market and promote their business, generate leads, and sell their products and services.

If you are new to Facebook’s ad platform or have never used Facebook to advertise your business, then join me on a special FREE live online workshop that is called “The 5 Simple Steps To Setup Facebook Ads On $5- $10 per Day Budgets To Promote Your Business For Higher Profits”.

I am going to show you how to start setting up profitable Facebook ad campaigns on $5-$10 per day budgets to reach your ideal customer.

There will be NO replays of this live Online Workshop. It is going to be live.

At the end, the workshop there will be a live Q&A Session, where you can ask me any question about advertising on Facebook.

To register for the workshop, visit this link. http://entrepreneurimpact.com/register-5-dollar-ads

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